February 02, 2007

visiting Nowrangpur

Driving overland with the comfortable car of the bishop, we were passing this bull car. That´s how the missioners travelled and still you see this transport here on the way to Nowrangpur...

In Nowrangpur we had a real nice ceremony with women singing a beautiful song in Oriya (local language) for us. When we came out of the church, there where a small discussion between some men. I did not understand and asked for the subject. They told me they are local journalists and wanted to know, if we regret what Germany has done during the second world war. I was surprised being asked this as I am obviously not a member of war-generation, but it seems one cant escape from the history of its country and this horrible trauma is still projected on Germans in some places of the world.

The church in Nowrangpur is still the same of the old days, except the tower which was reconstructed after breaking down in a hard thunderstorm. Here you see the local pastor, who will retire this year.

Of course we also visited the schools in Nowrangpur and knew that there are plans for new buildings on the mission compound. Beneath you see the new place and the first ground-stone, which was inaugurated last year. Probably the first work on the construction has started already now.

Nowrangpur has also a hospital, which is the best equipped one in the whole region. Some very qualified doctors from different places in India work here.

In front of the building one can see the merciful Samaritan - a symbol for the credo of this institution. It offers a good service for people who often don't have the financial possibilities to afford medical help.

The house where my great-grandparents lived from 1926 to 1931 is still there. Nowadays the family of a former head officer of the high-school stays there. They invited me for a tea and we had a very nice talk.

axel at February 2, 2007 09:18 AM

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