June 18, 2006

promoting Brasil in Germany


The colors of brazil covered Berlin for 3 days, when the "torcida" flooded over the city. Also the "Marca Brasil" were promoted by a group of young brazilians...



three cars needed to be covered white, so the logo of "Brasil Sensational!" could be seen well in the city.



people on the streets were asked to participate in games to know better the names of brazilian touristic spots.


or one could enjoy the art of brazilian facepainter and get one of those nice pics of a footballplayer at the face before entering the arena.


If you are living in or visiting a city were the seleção plays, you could have one too. They are following the route of their national football team and with a little luck they'll come back to Berlin in the beginning of july :-).

axel at June 18, 2006 01:36 PM

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