August 30, 2006

Forum Cultural Mundial 2006


Preparing the second edition of the Fórum Cultural Mundial...


Thats how the bulding looks, where I started one week ago to work for the World Culture Forum 2006, wich will be held in November/ Dezember in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador - Brazil.


And thats how I my room looked like, when I arrived. I was the first to enter, hopefully it will be "crowded" during the next weeks ;-).


My task will be to organize the Global Convention or "Convenção Global" as it is called in Portuguese. Iff you are able to understand this beatuiful language, just have a look at to read, what it is all about.


How will this all be? Whom do I have to send an invitation next? How will I survive in this office without any window? Questions about questions. Next time I will try to post some of the answers here and may be some pics of Rio OUTSIDE as well ;-). See ya!

axel at August 30, 2006 11:50 PM

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