September 04, 2006

Rio Air livre


Thats what I would see, when I had a window in my office...


This view could also be mine, if the window would be to the other side ;-). The area around hear is called "Botafogo". If you would translate it directly it would be "Set on fire" - just dont know why...


Hopefully noone thinks about to set fire here, because its really a cute area.


During the lunch break I allways try to walk around and enjoy the nice views.


Sometimes I feel a little envious of these guys, especially on sunny days...
But THANKS LORD there is still a weekend in my life :-) And thats what I am enjoying on saturday/ sunday. Lets say as long as it doesn't rain...


But even with clouds its a pleasure to have a ride by bycicle and enjoy the air of the atlantic ocean. Of course its much more exciting when sun comes down:


best place to relax and refill bateries for me: Arpoador where you see this in the afternoon:


liked it? Stay tuned for more next time!

axel at September 4, 2006 10:50 PM

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