October 19, 2005

football rules!


Here we go - the first pics of our visits at the streetfootballprojects in Sao Paulo...


first station was the traditional footballschool of Aclimação. Here the kids are training for their future. The school was built in 1974, when the first brazilian players came back from Europe and thought it would be a good idea to have similar educationsystem as they´ve known in Germany.


The day we visited Acilmação the kids where doing a forcast of Worldchampionship 2006 - the brazilian team won at least against Germany, lets see if they where really right ;-).

But its not at every place, the kids get such a good infrastructure as been seen above. A few days later we went to Erundina, a school far away from centre of Sao Paulo on the way to the formula1-course Interlagos. The footballcourt here is surrounded by a favela. But the professors are 2 former international player during the time of Pelé: Deodoro and ZumZum.



When it rains, the red ground gets slippery and after the game washing is necessary, not only because of swet...



This huge guy is Deodoro, the chief of the court. Everyone is listening quiet when he speaks, because he is the one who knows the whole business since years and visited about 27 country during is active carriere.


The other trainer is ZumZum, he played once at Antwerpen in Belgium and has known Pelé as well. Our coreographer Aloisio is testing the first dance-movements involving footballshootings with him - what a historical moment!!!



Our video-artist Marc is also making sucess - the kids like to show up here and enjoy to watch themselves afterwards at the cam. So I can say luckily we started very well the first week of our research here and hopefully we can go on like this. Ok there are still some unsolved problems, like where to rehearsel with the young footballplayers in november or will someone really make it possible to bring some of them to Berlin next year, but we beleave in future like its written in the flag of Brazil:


Next time I come up with new pictures, hopefully there will be good news as well! Wishing you all the best for what you do and where you roam and greetings and hugs from Brazil - a bola esta rolando...

axel at October 19, 2005 10:08 PM

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